Inside Out Collection

This collection of work is from the Central Saint Martins graduate showcase which is still available to be viewed on the university website under the London Design Festival showcase: Off- Site (De)constructing Space. 

The theme of (De)constructing Space and creating an environment within a new frame or community followed the concepts in this project.

This collection in particular followed the idea of creating a new environment within a confined space reflecting the concepts of perspective during COVID-19. By using colour the objective is to create an illusion of space within the confines of the picture plane. Combined with the illustrations and photographs the concepts of alternating perspective (an ongoing theme within my practice) is supposed to translate through the open space, colours and familiarity through the window. 


My work 


Alternating perspectives through portraits.

Constructing spaces and shapes within a portrait.



During the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak as studios were closed I thought to collaborate with a group of artist in the hopes of recreating a collaborative studio environment. Quickly I had released the pandemic had effected everyones experience making work from home which lead to to think of themes I felt reflected an artists experience during lockdown. I designed some graphics under these themes: POWER, REFLECT, PROGRESS AND TOUCH. Through these themes I told a group of artists to do what they like with the design. Create a painting, video, drawing whatever connected with their experience to the themes the most. I past these works along to create a change of perspectives. 

Once I received the work I shared everyones piece on social media @collectiveartist_20. This was our way of having a digital showcase within our creative spaces and  to share our work how it was created, virtually. 

All artists and the themes are included in the description of the images. 

These digital images are part of a series exploring the concept of alternating perspectives in a space. This collection contributes to a short film as an end to the project.

Materials include digital images, drawings and film.